Seattle Adventures…..


So we went to Seattle this past weekend for a friend’s holiday party. We left town after the Vancouver show and headed north. We stayed at the Hotel Vintage Plaza (a Kimpton hotel) because Jason got a work discount. If you know Kimpton hotels they are notoriously pet friendly, most have a resident dog. So we thought everything was dialed.

Checked in, took a nap and got ready. Left Liam in his crate in the room watching MythBusters (figured it was better than animal planet). First trip out of the room he started barking as soon as the door hit the latch. Waited a couple mintues and the barking continued. Jason went in and told him to be quiet and that we would be back later. Door closed and silence. Hung around for a couple more minutes and the silence continues. At this point I jinx everything by saying “Well that seems too easy.”

On to the party and fun times ensue. About 1.5 hours later happen to sit at the chair in which my jacket is hanging and hear my phone ringing. By the time I figure which pocket it is in the ringing has stopped but I have a voicemail. I listen to the voicemail and the front desk clerk at the hotel says “I am looking for Mr. Hertz and I need him to return to the hotel immediatley and deal with his dog who we have recieved several noise complaints about.” They have been calling every 2-5 minutes for the last 30 minutes!!! I call them and let them know I was on my way- Jason had been drinking so no driving for him. Lucklily we we’re only a couple blocks away.

I pull into the valet area and tell the valet guy that I will be right back I just have to go get my dog. he says “Oh, the corgi?” I knew this was not a good sign. I went to the front desk and who is behind being their helper? Liam! He was such a noisy bugger that they had to remove him from the room and hold him at the front desk. Wow, was I embarressed. Then Liam proceeds to try and jump over the belly button height counter to get to me. Once again embarressed. I had to run upstairs to get his crate from the room so he can hang out in my car for the remainder of the party. I get back downstairs and the front desk informs me they couldn’t find his collar (his show collar was on the bed next to his crate) and that they fashioned his show lead to the end of the flexi to get him downstairs. Wow, that must have been an interesting walk!

So Liam got to hang out in the underground parking garage next to the loud blower fan for a couple hours. I joined him in the car around 12:30am for a nap. Then Jason joined and we headed back to the hotel around 2:30am.  I swear every year this holiday party gets a story! Last year we did the Vancouver show, drove to Seattle and drove back down for the Sunday show. That was a tiring weekend!

Took a stop at Pike Place Market to get the best fresh-dried pasta and all is good now that we are back in town. Liam is very tired from eventful weekend. He actually let us wrap him in a fleece blanket and he slept for like 45 minutes. Sweet sleeping corgis make you forgot what they put you through!


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