The promise to myself due to the foodie in me…

Okay so lately I have totally become obsessed with enjoying food which has led me to food blogs. I search them non-stop and have a whole pile of recipes. This has sparked something in me.

I have to lose weight. There is no option at this point. I am headed down a path where only bad things can happen. Especially with my family genetics. In 2005 Jason and I joined Weight Watchers. Up until the wedding in 2007 we were doing great. I lost 80+ pounds and Jason over 90. Then it happened. I didn’t have a goal and I just stopped caring for some reason. Who knows why?

Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. I decided that I need to change. Started on an antidepressant medication and wow has it made a difference. I actually want to clean up the kitchen after cooking and I want to get out of bed in the morning. I want to cook for my health. I want to enjoy food again. It truly is a blessing to feel un-fogged. So now I can be happy about cooking and excited to try new things. To make them healthy and enjoy food. Not just stuffing junk into my face.

So the plan from here? Starting physical therapy this Friday in a program that helps obese people start moving the correct way. I want to exercise and I want to enjoy doing it. In the past I have always done too much too soon and hurt something. I want to avoid that this time. Overall plan, can’t believe I am actually typing it. But thanks to Nancy and her motivation I want to do a triathlon or something along those lines next August/September. PT program 12 weeks, couch to triathlon program 22 weeks. I should be able to do. I can do it. Now just to get every inch of me to really believe that.

In the meantime. I will post food blogs and recipes that I find that are interesting to me. Not all have healthy food but anything can be made healthy. You just have to try to think about it a little.


3 Responses to “The promise to myself due to the foodie in me…”

  1. I hear ya! Since Richland I’ve been doing the no sugar thing. I do allow myself the two tablespoons of flavored coffee creamer in the morning. I’m down 9 lbs. Here’s another great foodie blog I’ve made the low cal/low fat chicken enchiladas twice, they are fabulous. I even used left over pot roast on Monday night in them.

    I know it’s hard, really I do!

    Denise, Nancy and I are going to do the Seattle half marathon in Nov 2011. You’ll have to join us!

    I think if we all help keep each other motivated we can be very sucessful!

  2. I got there too. Big time. I started my weight loss journey in January and have done fairly well over all. I just started back on it ‘hard and heavy’ after my vacation…
    I am hoping to lose another 40 or so pounds before settling into a ‘maintenance’ mode.. the first 50 took 10 months total… if the next 40 take me another 10 months, I’m ok with that too. It’s just got to come off.
    I’m here for an ear too… it’s hard. SO freakin’ hard.
    I wish I could join in on the Seattle half marathon thing. I dunno if I’ll ever be in shape enough to run any distance…. but I can do my best 🙂

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