House has gone to the dogs



Apparently I lost my mind and Jason took full advantage of it. This little man will be joining our house in a couple weeks. He is from the Abby/Carbon litter. Formally known as Mr. T, his new name is Emmett. BTW- did not come from Twilight, it was the runner up name for Liam when we picked him out. Liam fit him better and this name went on the back burner). Still working on the registered name- Emmett means strength, universal and all containing. Hmmm will ponder that. Any suggestions?


16 Responses to “House has gone to the dogs”

  1. Awwww. He looks like a very nice boy.
    And yes, it looks like you’re another candidate for the local chapter of Cardigans Anonymous. Welcome! 😉

  2. hahahaha…just trying to even the score on the boy/girl ratio, aren’t you? I’m thinking in another four months we will all have to band together just to cover the classes. :-0

  3. certifiable… now stop stealing my straight jacket!

  4. Emmett, huh? He’s a nice boy. Kim and I sort of discussed a Hollywood or Movie theme as she’s got Spencer (Coedwig’s Silver Screen), but you’ll use my kennel name Glasshouse. The name game is always so much fun!

  5. He’s a beauty! Lucky you!

  6. “Bring in the Clowns” (Emmett Kelly, the famous sad faced clown)

    yes, and that would likely refer to us after a glass of wine and an interesting fun match

  7. He’s a doll. Looking forward to seeing him in person. Maybe getting a lick or two. Crazy can be fun.

  8. OOPS…that should be “Send in the Clowns” but I have such a clown phobia that I couldn’t even think straight. Yeah, maybe not such a good idea when I really think about it…

    Anyway, Congrats, since I forgot to say that.

  9. Me no like clowns either. Ugg! Way scary.

  10. He’s a cutie patootie! I love name games – if you need ideas, toss out some things you’re thinking of – I’d love to help! 🙂

  11. The tradition of dogs in our house have call names that coinside with their registered name. If you look up Liam it means unwavering protector so he is Coedwig’s Unwavering Protector. Karis means charm and grace so her name is Coedwig’s Tylwyth Graceful Enchantment.

    So any ideas that combine the meaning of Emmett’s name- strength, universal and all containing- with something to do with movies and Hollywood. I am totally up to suggestions. I can’t seem to think of anything. When I did a thesaurus check these stood out: showbiz, big screen, flick, ubiquitous, and global.

  12. Oh man, so cute. 😦

    Argh, so want a puppy! I’m going through withdrawls. XD He’s handsome as all heck — wow, so many of these guys going to hit the ring soon. I love his name, I’ll see what I can think of. Movies and Hollywood, hmm? I shall put on my thinking cap!

    *shifty eyes* Caleb and I may have to take some longer trips! 😉

  13. How about keeping it simple with Glasshouse Universal? Like in Universal Studios?
    Just a thought. You’ve certainly set up a tough game in naming this one.

    But oh-my-dawg!!! is he cute! I saw them today and I love, love, love his shoulder, nice croup and honkin’ bone! Very nice puppy and what a sweetheart! Glad I’ll get to watch him grow up.

  14. Did Kim forward on the list of names and Hollywood slanguage I sent her? I think Onyx will now be Rudy (Valentino) with reg name Glasshouse Silent Movie and Midnight (no idea on call name) but reg name will be Glasshouse Midnight Marquee. I don’t have your email info or I’d have forwarded on to you, too.

  15. I thought of:
    Box Office Hit or Smash
    Director’s Cut
    Major Production

  16. Oops, looks like Director’s Cut isn’t the best. Here’s from a Hollywood jargon site:

    Final Cut.

    The holy grail of directors, the final cut is the final form of the film that is released to theaters. Final cut is ultimate power because whoever has it answers to no one.

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