Richland… again

So the post is a couple of days late. Still trying to recover! I always forget how much it takes out of you and the dogs when we stay out-of-town and even more since this was a 3 day show with REALLY long ring side times. Like 3+ hours every day! Glad I took a chair to ring side.

The show was a bust when it came to our crazy bunch. We did manage to get Polly to change from sloth speed to turtle speed. According to Mark she now has a theme song. She will always “Fly Like a Turtle.” Still trying to figure out what the judges saw in the dogs they picked. I guess I will always ponder that one.

Had a great time just sitting around shooting the breeze. I still can’t get over the fact that last year when we attended this show we didn’t know ANYONE, well besides Liam’s breeders, Kim and Leo. I remember being introduced to Kim and Mark and then turning around and seeing the whole Cardigan campground area. I was blown away by how many people there were. At that time I wasn’t reading blogs either. So this year to go back and know so many people (maybe really not know them but blog know them) was very odd. Jason also had a whole bunch of people he knew from the trip to Idaho last year. I felt like I might have actually belonged this year, whereas last year I felt like an intruder. I can only thank those people close to us for that feeling (Kim & Leo, Kim & Mark, Nancy, Paul, Denise, and so many more). Still not quite believing it.

Couple lovely pictures taken by Kim and Mark of the kids throughout the weekend. Enjoy!


Liam flying



Polly posing pretty


Karis on the table


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