Horn Ball


We have reached the climax (no pun intended). All he does is whine, pant and bark. It is really pathetic. Thanks to melted butter he is still eating. And of course Polly is cool as a cucumber. Probably cause she is leashed to the couch. She does her best to flaunt her stuff when she is free. It is sick really.



15 Responses to “Horn Ball”

  1. Yep…however we are about done now. Kate is still diapered just because she is not biting the boys’ heads off quite yet, but she is no longer flagging them and Nugget is back to eating and sleeping quietly on the same bed, (which would be mine) with Kate a foot away. Poor Liam. Cold showers for another week for him.

  2. OK, why does it say I wrote that at 5:22am when it is 10:22 pm???

  3. You have to love boys, don’t you? πŸ˜‰ At this moment, you guys are really making me rethink owning another girl in this house. XD I like sleep! πŸ˜‰

  4. I am a few days behind you…. Sedona is on day 9 and Chance is pining for her something awful. Kota and Piper are still playing regularly, but Kota doesn’t let Sedona out of his sight (he was neutered 9 months ago at the age of 6.5 years). I expect the whining soon, and I’m having to prod Chance to keep eating these days. Thankfully Sedona has never had a cycle go longer than 17 days…. I hope Your insanity ends soon!

  5. Actually nighttime is the best time around here. Only cause they are both in crates staring at eachother. It is when one is in another room or out going potty that it gets really bad.

  6. I’ve noticed that too, always hat figured EST or something.

  7. She does 21 day cycles every 4 months! Yeah us! 1 week left and it can only get better from here.

  8. snicker…

    the kids still havent come in and they are 9 months from the last cycle. Might make breeding them interesting!

  9. oh never mind… Ana’s now in. At least she’ll be done by Richland…

  10. Haha doomed yourself. That’s what you get for snickering our direction. πŸ˜‰ ;p

  11. I wondered how Ana and Callie had avoided the charm (read ‘curse”) of Casper and Simon. I’ll bet Shea isn’t far behind.

  12. Don’t even go THERE! She’s only 8 months!

  13. uh huh, and Kitty was seven….

  14. Sorry, Jason and Alta; it seems I have hijacked your post. But look at all these comments! Is it enough to keep you blogging on a regular basis? πŸ˜€

  15. Nancy- its all good. Still kinda weird to think people actually stop by.to read what I post.

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