Leash damage


That is a nice leash burn on my shin curiosity of Liam’s flexie. Hurts like a b*tch. Worse then that Polly keeps trying to do her mommy thing and lick it clean.

** Pardon the need to shave, we are camping and the beach and it just ain’t gonna happen!


5 Responses to “Leash damage”

  1. I’ve had a few of those leash burns myself. They do hurt a whole bunch! I switched to the flexi with the wider band and that helped a bit. The one made from a cord just gave the worst burns!

  2. ow,ow,ow!

  3. OUCH!

    I use the flat band flexi like Taryn- esp when walking multiple dogs on flexis it’s a lifesaver! I’ve also found they last a lot longer, since they’re made for more use, and bigger dogs. The ‘reel’ doesn’t die with a few months of abuse like the regular flexis do.

  4. um OW!

  5. I won’t even post pictures of what it looks like now. When a doctor cringed when they look at it you know it isn’t good. At least not infected (yet).

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