The Princesses




Please ignore the background of the photos. The patio is a mess and Jason was doing yard work.

On to the regular scheduled show… I was sitting in the backyard watching the dogs play and Polly had enough of Liam and Karis. She pulled a chair right next to me to relax. Oh what a princess.

Then I went out front to show Jason the picture. I was a little shocked when I opened the door and found my ankle tall dog at waist height. She jumped up on the bench and then the table. Goofy dog. At least she stayed and didn’t bail when I gasped.

Last pic is Karis who has decided the pool isn’t such a bad thing, just don’t put her in it. Just like any kids she’s gotta do it on her own!


3 Responses to “The Princesses”

  1. That second pic says How could anyone not want this face!????

  2. In the third one Liam is saying “I will dominate the world with my super powers!”

    Seeing Polly around will make Pearl’s goodbye a bit easier. That face, those eyes…

    I don’t get it either

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