Me thinks she is teething


Karis is soo teething right now. She has no canine teeth at all and has lost 3 molars. We had to soak her kibble tonight so she could actually eat it. I feel so bad for her. Dad gave her one of the biscuits the Raglan crew sent and she just stared at it. You could tell she wanted to eat it but it was just too much. Growing up just sucks! 


3 Responses to “Me thinks she is teething”

  1. Poor baby, but lucky big dogs…no more little skin punctures from the baby shark teeth.

  2. I haven’t tried this yet myself but maybe freezing a kong with some treat inside? I’ve heard it helps. Karma and Kismet are almost finished with that whole business and boy have their appetites increased!!
    Give Karis belly rubs from gramma Le’o.

  3. Sadly she doesn’t like her Kong. Right now she just chews on anything and everything. Since the teeth are gone half the battle is done. Now just for them to come back in. Her appetite is great when she can eat. She ate 1.75 cups of kibble last night and then another cup this morning. All soaked and she is really happy about that. I think that will be the ticket for the next couple days/weeks.

    Belly rubs will be delivered when I get home tonight.

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