The Corgi’s Got Gifts in the Mail!!!

The fur kids received a nice care package from Amy and the Raglan bunch ( Of course every corgi loves food. And well the blue pig will have to be saved for a time when there is only one of them cause it will cause mass havoc when there is 3 of them. The treats arrived at a great time. I had just ran out of crate treats. Thanks again!!!

So if 2 families would like to receive a gift from the 3 crazy cardigans who live here, just drop me a line and I will send something along.


3 Responses to “The Corgi’s Got Gifts in the Mail!!!”

  1. Cooper does. We haven’t got into the paw it forward game yet. Our email addy is cardilover @ yahoo dot com.

    Laura and Cooper

  2. Heya you! I have a picture of Liam for you from today… and I spaced on your email. I blame Caleb, he’s a bad note taker. *grin*

    You can email me at Shepdog at gmail dot com, and then I’ll erase this entry!

  3. Glad they got to you in good order! Hope the dogs are enjoying their yummies:-))

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