Well is has been eternity since I posted!

So much has gone on in this house since I posted last.

I graduated from LPN school with a program 4.0. It was a HORRIBLE year but it is over! Then I accepted a job that doesn’t even use that title. But it is 2 miles away from my house and I start at 8:30am!!! It is going to be so nice! I will look into getting my RN without having to work as a LPN, it will all work out.

We have taken in a lovely girl with the sweetest temperment. Ms. Polly is 2.5 years old and from Texas. She is a true southern girl and will make her show debut at Canby (hopefully!). It has been a bumpy rode since she got here but we are working through it every day. We got the quick course in female dogs, she went into heat 1 week after she arrived at our home. We have finished that and she is back to her normal couch potato self!

Polly looking regal in the sun

Polly posing on the patio

We also have a new puppy! Crazy huh? Ms. Karis will be 12 weeks on Monday and growing like a weed! She is a ball of energy but Liam is so happy to have a playmate. They just play non-stop and Karis usually wins! She is a lovely little girl and we are so excited to see her all grown up in the ring.

Karis chilling in the grass

Karis after her first bath!

Karis says "Man, I stole all these from Liam and Polly, now I really tired!"

Liam and Jason are still doing their thing… not much to report there.

Liam and his Mini Me!

Liam says, "Life around here has been a hoot!"

Well, that is my update! Have a great day!


2 Responses to “Well is has been eternity since I posted!”

  1. Glad that you left a comment on my blog for the giveaway, so that I could visit your blog. Cute cardigans!!

  2. Polly is looking beee-you-tea-full. I’m glad she is settling in alright. It is tough taking on an older pup with no real world experience; I am also there with Kate! The rewards eventually overtake the trials (I hope). Congrats on getting Karis home as well. Does Liam truly know what he is in for??

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